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Flor-Essence 7 Day Purification Program
Flor-Essence 7 Day Purification Program

The Flor-Essence 7-Day Purification Program provides you with the means to accelerate your body's natural cleansing process.*
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This kit contains 3 components:
1 x Flor-Essence 17 oz liquid
1 x Pro-Essence 30 Vegetarian Capsules
1 x FloraLax 4.2 oz powder


  • Whole-body detoxification*
  • Digestion and Elimination*
  • Immune function*

In today's world, high levels of pollutants like heavy metals, hormones and synthetic chemicals are increasingly present in our water, air, and food sources. Fortunately, there is now a gentle and easy way to support the body's digestive and elimination processes for removing accumulated waste and toxins.*

The Flor-Essence 7-Day Purification Program provides you with the means to accelerate your body's natural cleansing process.* This easy-to-use program features Flor-Essence Herbal Tea Blend with Pro-Essence urinary tract formula and FloraLax, a bulk-forming laxative that puts all-important fiber to work in your digestive system.*

Antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients in this program enable our bodies to absorb more nutrients from the foods we eat while accelerating the removal of toxins in our digestive, elimination, and circulatory systems.*

Flor-Essence is a detoxifying 8-herb tea, based on the Ojibwa herbal tradition.* This formula includes certified organic Burdock Root, Sheep's Sorrel, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover, Turkish Rhubarb Root, and Kelp. It also has Slippery Elm Bark and Watercress.

Pro-Essence acts as a diuretic for the entire urinary system in both women and men.* This five herb formula is made with Prickly Ash Bark, Juniper Berry, Burdock Root, uva ursi, and Slippery Elm Bark. This innovative preparation helps ensure proper elimination of water-soluble toxins, and has been used to effectively expel the sometimes very large amounts of toxins that can be released from tissues when taking Flor-Essence.*

FloraLax provides the fiber to help absorb intestinal toxins and help maintain good blood cholesterol levels.* It is an excellent source of oat bran, flax seeds, and psyllium husks. As fiber moves along the digestive tract, it scrubs and loosens trapped toxic waste and shortens transit time.

This safe and effective program maximizes the body's natural healing process of daily detoxification without the undesirable (and often unhealthy) effects of harsh laxatives.*

Weight Loss Tip - A high-fiber diet will help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and improve nutrient absorption for greater energy and vitality. In addition, fiber's bulking action has a satiating affect that helps manage hunger and weight gain by curtailing appetite and reducing total caloric intake.


  • Supporting a brighter complexion*
  • Promoting greater energy*
  • Encouraging deeper sleep*
  • Helping to improve digestion & elimination*

Not Intended As Medical Advice.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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