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About Flor•Essence Tea
Flor Essence Tea is a blend of eight carefully selected herbs that originated with the Ojibwa Indians of Canada and is mixed and processed in a special way using no alcohol or chemical extraction methods. With the idea of preparing, presenting and offering the tea blend as natural and close to nature as is humanly possible.

When taken internally, Flor Essence Tea imparts vital constituents to the body's natural cleansing activity (which is ongoing), including strong detoxifying and internal cleansing support to the liver, lungs, bowels, kidneys, urinary tract, skin, lymphatic system, and cells. Flor-Essence Tea, as one of its major benefits, supports cellular detoxification through additional support of the immune system and macrophage activity. The tea helps balance the functioning of body systems, improves digestion over time (some of the herbs have bitters), and enables the user to feel better faster. There are tonic qualities to many of the herbs, meaning they bring various body systems into a more natural state of balance, in addition to the cleansing activity of the formula.

Since the 1920s when Nurse Rene Caisse first used a version of the tea, many of the users and doctors have validated the remarkable benefits attributed to taking Flor Essence Tea. Oral and written testimonies include reporting of: reduction or lessening of pain, improved recovery from disorders of many kinds, free radical scavenging activity, sleep improvement, a better quality of life in spite of serious physical disorders, and relief from a wide variety of physical problems, and overall health improvement. Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse warmly referred to it as "re-educating the cells' activity."

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Flor-Essence herb extraction bag 1 each Flor-Essence herb extraction bag 1 each
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7 Day Purification Program Flor-Essence 7 Day Purification Program
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