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About PCK Technologies, Inc.
It is well known that many man-made chemicals including some drugs are not always compatible with our natural environment and body. This is why many chemicals are also pollutants and most drugs have side-effects. Some drug-residues could even become toxins in our body, causing many problems later. On the other hand, many natural products have been proven to help our body functions, to clean toxins, and often have less side-effects; because they are more compatible with nature. This is why PCK Technologies, Inc. uses only 100% natural products from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Lucid-Head-60 Capsules Lucid-Head-60 Capsules
List Price: $39.95
Hawthornia-60 Capsules Hawthornia-60 Capsules
List Price: $39.95
Mammo-Gaurd-60 Capsules Mammo-Gaurd-60 Capsules
List Price: $45.00
U-O-Clear-60 Capsules U-O-Clear-60 Capsules
List Price: $50.00