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About Hersil S. A. Industrial Pharmaceutical Labatories
Hersil S.A. Pharmaceutical Laboratories is one of Peru's top manufacturers of high quality drugs and nutritional and natural products. Since its foundation in 1965, the laboratory has aimed to ensure the health and welfare of the population.

Ongoing investments, use of state-of-art technology, continuous training and an excellent team, are determining factors of the company success. It has one of the most modern plants in the country, designed according to regulatory and highest quality requirements, certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other international certifications, which makes possible to stay ahead of the highest international quality standards.

The quality of Hersil's products is guaranteed by its professional work on the quality control of all its components in addition to each and every manufacturing operation performed. The vast experience gained over the years in its manufacturing of pharmaceutical and natural products has enabled the company to develop an image of prestige which has transcended borders, causing major multinational drug manufacturers to entrust the manufacturing, distribution, and promotion of their products to Hersil and promoting the sale of Hersil products abroad.