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Seigen Gold 25-Pack Seigen Gold 25-Pack

NEW-25 Pack!
Seigen Gold is the original Seigen formulation from soy milk fermented by a special combination of 16 species of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.

List Price: $56.25
Seigen V 25-pk Seigen V 25-pk

NEW-25 Pack! Seigen V contains solubilized microbial constituents such as peptidoglycans and MDP (Muamyl1 dipeptides), substances which have attracted much attention because of their beneficial action on the immune system.

List Price: $70.00

Seigen Gold 90-pk Seigen Gold 90-pk

Seigen Gold: For those with a desire to improve overall health, balance the digestive system and prevent illness.

MSRP Price: $180.00
List Price: $160.00
Savings: $20.00
Seigen V 90-pk Seigen V 90-pk

Seigen V: To help relieve intestinal issues, discomfort and problems associated with the digestive system.

MSRP Price: $240.00
List Price: $220.00

Seigen Alpha 90-pk Seigen Alpha 90-pk

Seigen Alpha: The most powerful formulation for those with compromised immune systems, disease and for those seeking the highest level of protection available.

MSRP Price: $420.00
List Price: $360.00
Savings: $60.00